REG NO A0012202T          ABN 99 834  862 269



1st Prize: Sterling silver ring Size 8
Set with a smokey quartz stone which was found in the Warragul area and professionally faceted. Plus a smokey quartz cluster specimen from Torrington NSW.

Won by ticket No 1784
Susan Fife

2nd Prize: Gem Tree
Made by Tony Noel with  a copper trunk and branches and amethyst chips. It sits on an amethyst cluster base.

Won by Ticket No 31
Tia Wright
3rd Prize: Skin polished topaz Crystal
Set in collaboration; a Warragul member found the topaz whilst fossicking locally and he then polished it and another Warragul club member wire wrapped it in silver.

Won by ticket No 1137
Keith Kerr
The rest of the raffle prizes are in order of their donation rather than monetary value.

4th Prize: Carved and polished bowl made from a tree burl
Made by Lyall Jones who is a member of the Mildura club.

Won by ticket No 1036
5th Prize: Topaz specimen on matrix
From the USA.

Won by ticket No 1638
J Cowley
6th Prize: Wire wrapped Rhodonite pendant
Another collaboration piece from Warragul members.

Won by ticket No 1514
Sue Taylor

7th Prize: A selection of faceting rough

Citrine 49.2ct,
Prasiolite 21ct,
Amethyst 80.25ct,
Rose quartz 25ct,
Ametrine 57.7ct,

Topaz 49, 41.95, & 46.55cts,
4 zircons, a total of 26.35ct and
Dark green Australian sapphire 4.8 ct. this would cut a freeform stone.
The second photo is on a light box but didn’t work
as well as I hoped.

Won by ticket No 1656

8th Prize: Slabs of cabbing rough

Green and white swirly quartz, green flower nephrite jade, small Sleeping beauty nugget, Chrysoprase, Tamworth rhodonite, lapis, pinolith, and Mexican Birdseye rhyolite.

Won by ticket No 1013
9th Prize:
Moroccan Geode.
(No photo)

Won by ticket No 1114
Keith Billing